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User unable to login, Login.php page is empty.

User unable to login, Login.php page is empty. I can login as agent if Browse directly to  install information attached  and screenshot of login page attached

This installation has been running with no issues for a few months and then this occurred today. No changes were made. I was able to look at the php logs on the server and seems this error started coming in the same time this issue occurred-

[25-May-2018 11:06:38 America/New_York] PHP Fatal error:  Class
'VariableReplacer' not found in z:\mydirectory\upload\include\class.osticket.php on
line 139

Please help. Thanks!


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  • Check your IIS error logs.

    Do you have any plugins installed?

    Have you made any modifications?
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    Also, go to
    Admin Panel > Settings > Company > Site Pages and find what Page the "Landing Page:" option is set to. Next, go to that page under Admin Panel > Manage > Pages > click Page name and make sure there is nothing weird in the page. (ie. no variables, code, etc.)

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  • we have made no modifications, no plugins either. Landing page is set to default landing page with default text, so no variables. strangely enough this issue has resolved itself. site was down for around a day with this issue then we i came back everything was working. 

    Also i have checked my IIS logs but I don't really know what Im looking for. I didn't see anything obvious.
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