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Staff Session Timeout

When I'm logged into OSTicket and it's been idle for a while (not sure exactly how long...15-30min?) and I try to create a new ticket or click on one etc., OSTicket recognizes that I've been inactive for a certain period of time and proceeds to log me out.

How do I make it so that OSTicket waits say 1 or 2 hours before automatically logging me out? I don't think it's overly complicated but would appreciate some guidance. Thank you.


  • In the Admin Panel you will find "Staff Session Timeout". Set it to zero to disable the timeout.
  • Just my 5c, but I've set the timeout to either 0 or 999 and yet have still had users report the timeout to me.
  • redcap;4120 said:
    Just my 5c, but I've set the timeout to either 0 or 999 and yet have still had users report the timeout to me.
    Maybe they are clearing their cache / cookies / sessiondata?
  • I doubt it, but will keep an eye on things in any case.

    I presume losing session data/cookies and the timeout are the only things that should boot a user off the system?
  • Page timeouts

    Is there any news on this one i have staff and clients set to 0 but still we have timeouts.

    the page is left open and they are not clearing cookies etc.


  • Incessant and annoying session timeout

    For me, this seemed to solve the problem:

    Bind Staff Session to IP: Uncheck the box.

    I access the net with an HSDPA modem. The IP often changes dynamically.
    I have been having un-interrupted admin sessions since applying this setting. My session timeouts are still left at the default 30 minutes.

    Hope this helps someone out.
  • I have the same problem ... any suggestions?

  • This is funny. I've come here to ask the same thing as the above poster :)

    I had "Staff session timeout" set to 2000 (that should be minutes) and even with that, a staff user could be kicked out even after just 10 minutes. Then I switched it to 0 and today I've received another complaint. I wonder if it's hardcoded somehow?

    I've tried unchecking the "Bind Staff Session to IP", which I don't think will solve the problem for me, but at least I'll try it out.

    I'm using OSTicket v1.6.
  • I use v1.6 RC5 and there is not any 'Bind Staff Session ...' :)
  • Really? Check this just in case:

    Why not updating to 1.6 final?
  • molul;38268 said:
    Why not updating to 1.6 final?
    I see your question and raise you a

    Why not updating to 1.7ST?
  • Lol! In my case, because my boss won't let me spend time on migrating to 1.7 (also not sure if there would be errors or problems with migrations).
  • No, I can not upgrade it. That's was part of the contract :) , because a lot of changes are made in the core files.
  • still no solution?
  • @andhipriono this thread is from July 2008 and version 1.6ST.  This version has not only reached end of life but has not been supported for a couple years now. You should upgrade if you are using this version due to a number of security reasons.  I also doubt that you are going to receive any answer(s) beyond this one.
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