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Overdue ticket time = last response time

I have set the overdue ticket time to 48 but now all tickets are set to overdue with the creation date older than 48 hours. I would like to have overdue tickets only for the last response time instead of the creation date so that you can see if there was some communication in the last 48 hours.
How can I achieve that?


  • Can somebody help me please with this?
  • I have a mod for this... I think

    I changed the 'overdue' function to work more like... 'stale' which made more sense for our purposes.

    Logic goes like this...
    - IF ticket has been responded to by staff... it's good
    - IF ticket has not been responded to by staff
    IF the last message from the requestor is older than your 'overdue' time
    THEN mark as overdue

    Which means if you reply to a ticket that was overdue... it will check and unmark it overdue.

    It's a fairly big change from the way 'overdue' works in ost by default... about the only thing I kept was the time configuration. Is that what you were looking for or not?

    I have a whole slew of mods I am trying to break up and post on this forum but it's hard to slot some time to do it (should have done it one by one as I was making the changes).
  • This sounds exactly like my wish. It would be really nice if you could post how to do it.
  • will try to do that in next couple days

    I just posted my EMAIL CC list ADDON so will tackle my overdue mod next.
  • Great news!
    Wish you a nice weekend.
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