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Show Time between Ticket-opening and first staff reply

i want to show the elapsed time between ticket opening and the first reply by staff in the viewticket.php... Maybe anyone has an idea?



  • no ideas how to display the time between opening and first staff reply?
  • I think that may be tricky

    The reason I say it may be tricky is because if you looking at ticket that has had multiple staff replies then that first reply is no longer stored in the 'ticket' table. You have to go through 'ost_ticket_response' table and find the earliest response... then do a TIMEDIFF with the create date.

    I wrote some reporting queries which try to determine what tickets were active during a certain week where I ran a query across that same table. I could see if any of that logic would work for you.
  • Actually just ran a quick query... something like this for ticket #4

    SELECT `created` FROM `ost_ticket_response` WHERE `ticket_id`=4

    returns a list of dates... the first date could easily be grabbed. I might play with it a little.
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