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Why not accept Arabic language

I'm trying to do a translation into Arabic, but there is a problem when adding a ticket in Arabic appear as question marks this picture below to show the problem




  • osTicket doesn't currently support multiple languages, though we'll be adding this feature in the future.

    In the mean time, if you want to create your onw trnaslations, you're welcome to.

    Most likely your problem is due to the fact that you're trying to use a character that isn't supported by the current character set that's defined, either in the database, or the pages you're serving, or the email parser. There are a number of places you'll need to change these.

    I suggest you search the forums for 'utf8' and you'll get a number of results from others who've had similar issues, including infromation on hwo they fixed it.
  • hi

    i fixed the problem i convert character latin1 to utf8 but when i login to mypanel the tickets is not show

    sea this image

  • It looks to me like you are looking at the closed tickets panel, and there are no closed tickets... What do you get if you click the "My Tickets" tab??
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