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Disable Alert to staff

Hi, how can i disable alert sent to staff when new assign occour? In global config "alerts & notices" section all options are disabled.
Thanks in advance


  • An alert as in 'email'? Or what do you mean?
  • Thanks for your reply!:)
    When I assign tickets to a staff user, he receive an email "Ticket #xxx Assigned to you" from the only mail account with smtp configured (, hi want to use this account only for autoresponse to new ticket, hi don't need internal alerts to staff. Can I disable this function?
  • I'm not sure if this is possible. I think it is like this: 'Yes - E-Mail when New Message or Ticket', 'No - No E-Mail when New Message or Ticket'
  • Ok so if autoresponse to customers is enabled, also alerts to staff are sent...bad
    Is it possible to make not mandatory the email field in staff member profile? Leaving it blank. So if no email address is specified, no email is sent / received...

    I would also exclude the mandatory of internal notes field.

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