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Simple SMS setup

I don't really have a whole lot of time to develop this, but I can throw my two cents into the mix and get some feedback.

I'd love to have a ticket submission option to include SMS updates. Easy to do when you realize that emailing the SMS gateway will make it function from the osTicket standpoint exactly like email.

If someone could whip up a drop down box for email address to be a phone number with the carrier (Verizon =, T-Mobile =, etc.)


  • Try using the Twilio API

    Whomever decides to implement this, might want to look into using the Twilio API for the text messaging. That way it can be carrier independent.
  • SMS setup

    Please, do somebody have the procedure to setup a SMS module: For example if the ticket is send to a department and some changes been made and the status etc is been changed - can not the client/customer been updated as well with a sms?

    What I really need is a simple sms functionality is Os Ticket and the procedure of how to do or implement it with the necessary code. My php and Mysql background is limited but I can read and follow "programming logic and commonsense" so to speak. Please assist.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards

  • SMS Mod - Thank you

    Thank you for all your effort to put me on the track - I will investigate and post the solution soon
  • Hai

    Has anyone got breakthrough with it.Many SMS providers are currently providing php sms gateway portal, but how to trigger it.....


  • Has anyone find solution for this SMS setup integration  ?  i  need to send sms to user when the creation and closer  of ticket... 
  • +1

    Has anyone found solution for this SMS Setup Integration ?????? Please Help..
  • I"m confused.  Why does the API to the SMS gateway not work?  What is it you need to be integrated?  Just a dropdown?  How do you want this to function?
  • edited June 2016
    You can use MSG91 SMS gateway perfect solution for your requirements

    Moderator Note: Link removed. If anyone wants to trust said link it is https msg91 dot com
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