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Database store problem

This is the problem i am facing, i am unable to store any croatian chars in database from client, for example in open.php, if client fill up any field with croatian chars the request is unable to be send. And if there is chars in massage (massage body) and all the above filds are in english (without croatian chars) then it passes but the message is not vieweble in admin side. how can i overcome that? i have set win1250 chars on html side (php) and set database to craotian 1250, but still nothing, how can i overcome this? Thank you very much.


  • solution for croatian, serbian, ...etc

    The solution was :
    go to the folder: client: find --cange charset to =windows-1250
    also set charset in mysql.php and in
    the one problem still remains , when reciving email notification of new ticket created, ther is no vieweble characters of croatin chars. for example : čćšđž can not been seen only utf charaters. if any one have solution for this art it will be much appriciated.
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