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patch for upgrade from 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 - root web path issues fix


for anyone having problems with the root web path after upgrading to 1.7.1 as i did here is how you can patch it.

1. edit
2. comment out lines 63 and 64
3. in their place add the following line:

$here = '/your-web-path';

eg; in my case that's '/your-web-path' == '/support'

that's all you should have to do to fix the problem with this upgrade.

the bug is in the above mentioned lines.

yes i'm hardcoding it because it's 00:39 here and i'm tired so i'll just wait for the fix!



  • Could you try replacing the block (including the line to define ROOT_PATH) with this

    #Set Dir constants
    $root = str_replace('\\', '/', realpath(dirname(__file__)));
    $root2 = str_replace('\\','/', $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']);
    $path = '';
    while (strpos($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], $root) === false) {
    $lastslash = strrpos($root, '/');
    $path = substr($root, $lastslash) . $path;
    $root = substr($root, 0, $lastslash);
    // Determine the path in the URI used as the base of the osTicket
    // installation
    if (!defined('ROOT_PATH'))
    define('ROOT_PATH', $path.'/'); //root path. Damn directories
  • thanks,
    these changes solved the problem and the pages load properly now
  • Geo,
    Thanks for pointing me into this post. I just wanted to chime in here to let everyone now that my issue ( ) was also resolved by this fix.
  • it should just be a one liner as per v1.7.0. however in 1.7.1 there's a change to the line that determines the cwd / document root / web path and therein lies the bug. i'm not a php programmer so i'd rather just wait for an official fix personally. this patch should suffice until that is released however.
  • osTicket is out on GitHub and the main osTicket site which includes, among other hotfixes, this fix.
  • Jared;44388 said:
    osTicket is out on GitHub and the main osTicket site which includes, among other hotfixes, this fix.
    The did not fix the front end stuff for me. I have done a fresh install and file replacements.
  • if by "front end" you mean css not loading / urls incorrect then perhaps try the patch i posted originally in this thread for the 1.7.0 release. apparently it's fixed in the release but i can't confirm that as i haven't installed it yet myself. that one line fix i originally posted in this thread is the only problem i have found with the upgrade from 1.7.0 to 1.7.1 so far.
  • Yep, the CSS is broken. The text reads just fine. Its all good, thank you for your contribution. I think I will downgrade for now.
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