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[MOD] Multilanguage Support



  • Viva

    Cá vai um OST1.7 stable totalmente em português com recurso ao gettext
    Se pretenderem alterar algo basta ir ao ficheiro .po na pasta "portugal".


    Here goes a stable OST1.7 entirely in Portuguese using gettext
    If you wish to change anything just go to file.po under folder's name "Portugal".

  • is there a proper way to use the message.po file included in, I already downloaded it and copied inside "es_es/LC_MESSAGES/..." but it doesn't work. Am I missing something? I have 2 files inside that folder, same name different extensions ".mo" and ".po (the one downloaded)".

  • Github code ?

    Hi is there some github repo established for this mod ?

    I'm ok to join to the efforts to build french translation and i18n code.
  • gautiermichelin;43063 said:
    Hi is there some github repo established for this mod ?
    Would be nice. I had to use the osTicket Version from Github and now i cant update it with this mod to change it to german :(
  • News about osticket translation

    Hy everyone,

    yesterday Greezybacon (Jared Hancock from gave updates on translation process for osticket.

    "We're gearing up to take multilingual osTicket seriously. For me, the first mile before we can get it off the ground is to pull everything out of the install SQL script that should be translated. osTicket 1.7.0 now prohibits modifications to the SQL file while maintaining compatibility with upstream osTicket. Furthermore, it forces every osTicket install to have the exact same database state (signature) in order to provide database migration support. Therefore, it cannot be translated.
    I'm also proposing that we merge these changes into osTicket 1.8.0 instead of 1.7 since the changes to the codebase will be so dramatic. I'll be creating the osTicket-1.8 repo this week hopefully and will merge #564. Thereafter, we would like to change to a templating system based on H20. Once we get there, I think we will be fully ready to get going on translations."

    Source :

    What this means for me : po/mo files for the translations that have already been created can be partly recycled (updated with new strings), but yaml templates (like email templates) will need to be rewritten when the new h2o system will be in (and that will be a great improvement for customization).

  • Polish translation [pl_PL]

    Hello Alexander,

    I have translated osTicket Multilanguage to Polish in 68%. I'd like to join to the osTicket [MOD] Multilanguage group at Transifex platform.
    I requested the creation Polish language at the platform.

    What can I do now ?


  • Vielen Dank für deine Mühe!
  • Hallo ich habe Probleme, bei mir zeigts nur Englisch obwohl ich die Variable auf 'de-de' geändert habe in entsprechender Datei.

    Vielen Dank
  • Add Department to open tickets

    Is it possible to implement this into you version?

    I have tried my self but I can not get it working as some of the files are changed in between you version and this department change.
  • Olá PapiMigas!

    Poderia colocar para download em outro local? Este está com problema para baixar completamente.

    Hello PapiMigas!

    Cau you put in other host? Because that have problems to download the file complete.

    PapiMigas;42309 said:

    Cá vai um OST1.7 stable totalmente em português com recurso ao gettext
    Se pretenderem alterar algo basta ir ao ficheiro .po na pasta "portugal".


    Here goes a stable OST1.7 entirely in Portuguese using gettext
    If you wish to change anything just go to file.po under folder's name "Portugal".

  • Which version of osTicket is currently used wih osT-ML

    I've just tested osTicket Multi Language version (the last release I presume, from the link of the first post) after addad the french translation (.po and .mo files) in /locale, and after some tweaking, the translation works very well.
    My question is : I hope using the osTicket 171 but there's no osticket version in the footer of the admin panel, so how do we know which version is used of osTicket ?

    Kind regards

  • @julesx
    you may need to set $use_php_gettext to false in the file include/gettext-conf.php. You'll find further instructions in that file and in this thread.

    Für dich gilt das selbe wie für julesx, die Variable $use_php_gettext in der Datei include/gettext-conf.php auf false setzen und weitere Anweisung in dieser Datei beachten. Die gleichen Anweisungen sind hier im Thread zu finden.

    I've got to port this mod to osticket 1.7.1 first. I'll look into adding that commit later, probably as a diff file.

    I didn't have the time to port all the changes to 1.7.1 yet, but i'm working on it. Regarding the version, it's in the name of the file (1.7-stable). You can also find the version in your admin panel if you switch to the system preferences tab.
  • @olest
    Sorry, you'll have to wait a bit longer. I have to add a few things to my ldap mod first.

    You can use this mod now. It's on 1.7.1. It may have some bugs that I missed while testing. If any are found I'll fix them as soon as I can.

    @all translators
    I'm sorry but you'll have to update your translations. There were a few changes that affect translations. Thanks for your help!
  • Web ticket problem

    When I try to create a web ticket after the upgrade I get:
    Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /var/www/vhosts/osticket/include/class.template.php on line 27
  • access to Template in scp broken

    When I try to access email templates -> osticket default template after the upgrade I get:
    Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /var/www/vhosts/osticket/include/class.template.php on line 27
  • I think I've fixed it, please redownload.
  • Still problems

    Now i get in scp when trying to access default template:
    Unknown or invalid template group ID.

    Web ticket works besides that the Thank you text does not get the right ticket number:
    #%{ticket.number} is translated to #XXXXXX
  • Password reset link not working

    When using password reset link I get:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function getMsgTemplate() on a non-object in /var/www/vhosts/osticket/include/class.staff.php on line 701

    (To get the link you have to type a wrong password for scp a couple of times)
  • Add ticket forward to email mod

    Could you add this when the bug fixes are done?
  • Missing translations

    In scp/pages.php almost everything is missing translations.
  • @olest
    Fixed scp default template too, please redownload again.

    The #XXXXXX is a security addition in osticket 1.7.1. You'll get the ticketID only via Email. You can look that up in /open.php line 60.

    Regarding the translations. Yes, there were some changes in the text(about 90), those won't be translated as long as they aren't fixed by the translators. I've fixed the german translation.
  • Still a problem

    Now I can click on the Default template but all the links to the different messages is missing.

    I did do the language files again but at the "Sites Pages" all the labels "name" "Date Added" "Last update" "select" "All None Toggle" and the buttons "Enable" "Disable" and "delete" is still English.

    As an example of the missing translations you can find:
    line 91
    Page body: Ticket variables are only supported in thank-you pages...........
  • misunderstood you, fixing now.
  • Only the Site Pages is missing translation.
    I did the setup in gettext-conf.php again.

    I think there is some translations missing that is not saved in the database.
    ./include/staff/ Add New Page
  • Fixed the templatelist, all 13 are there.
    Please redownload again.

    Those are either new ones or modified texts.
  • No matter which email template I select to edit there is a title of "Autoresponse sent to user, if enabled, on new ticket."

    Password forgot link seems to be working now.
  • What do you mean by: Those are either new ones or modified texts.

    the text in ./include/staff/ is missing the __ type translations for every English text.
  • I forgot to add that, sorry.
    Fixed translation wrapper for and
    Please redownload again. And thanks for testing.
  • Thank you for all the work.

    Translations are now working in Site Pages.

    In /scp/templates.php (include/class.template.php)
    When I manage the email template the "

    Autoresponse sent to user, if enabled, on new ticket.

    " is always the same English text after the upgrade.

    "Forgot my password" is missing translation

    Missing translations in ./scp/pages.php
    "Page updated successfully"
    "Unable to enable selected pages"
    "Selected pages disabled"
    "Selected pages deleted successfully"
    "Unable to update page. Try again!"

    /scp/settings.php?t=pages missing translations

    Missing translation
    ./include/staff/ Bind Staff Session to IP:
    ./include/staff/ Bind Staff Session to IP:
    ./include/staff/ (binds staff session to originating IP address upon login)
  • The "Autoresponse sent to user, if enabled, on new ticket." is the title for all templates in the unmodified osticket too. So I don't think the mod causes that.

    Fixed the other stuff.
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