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New Ticket Auto-Response link problem

When a user is creating a Ticket, they get de mail "New Ticket Auto-Response" in de mail is a link to view the ticket online with the variable "%{ticket.client_link}"

The problem is that the link is to long for the email and that the link is cut in to 2 lines, because of that the link doesn't directly work. The user need to select the 2 lines en copy and paste it in the browser.

Is it possible that not the complete link is the link but the word "Login" for example? Or is that only possible with a html email?

Is also looks like the mail width is defined and that appears to be making the problem, is the width adjustable?

example link:
The variable %{ticket.client_link} =


OsTicket version = 1.7.0
Microsoft Outlook Office Pro 2010


  • link variable ticket.client_link

    Is it possible to put html code in the outgoing emails?

    So that I can put this in de email to help the above problem?
    Open ticket

    Or is there another way, I want to shorten the complete link?
  • You can try editing the template and give it a try pretty easily. :)
  • The A href function is not working if I put the text in to the template then it wil not be a link put only as tekst and not clickable, is there a php methode to change the complete link in to a word like "login" for example?

    So that %{ticket.client_link} is changed to the word "login" when it is used in emails?

    It looks like the sentence is maxout to 75 characters in the outgoing emails. If I have a sentence with 80 characters en the last word is for example sentence then the word is cut in to 2 word with a space between it.

    Example last word of the sentence of 80 characters long:
    sente nce.
  • How can I send the mail as a HTML format instead of an Plain Text format, so that the link is not cut in half?
  • Same problem here. Does anybody have a solution?


  • The mailer class isn't setup to send html emails.

    I haven't tried/tested this, however you might be able to make the link work simply by adding "<" before the link and ">" after the link. Most email clients interpret this to keep a uri link together.

    It's worth a try anyway.
  • Tested adding "<" before the link and ">" after the link, unfortunately it is not helping. Do you have another solution?
  • Unfortunately, it seems that the script is doing a mysql(i)_real_escape_string so it strips out those things. Although this is generally a good practice for "untrusted" input from an end user, it's questionable for input that can only be done by an administrator. ;)

    I guess you could either add it directly in the db table itself or comment out the call to escape it before updating the template.
  • osTicket doesn't support Rich Text at the moment - but it will in a few weeks.
  • @Peter we're not asking for rich text, we're simply asking to be able to add "<" and ">" which are standard ascii characters to keep the link together which is quite long.
  • Well ... "<" and ">" chars on its own are supported - what you're attempting to add are in fact html tags which are stripped hence my reference to Rich Text.
  • Rich text, HTML. But unfortunately no solution to this problem. Any body else a good idee to solve this?
  • peter;44986 said:
    Well ... "<" and ">" chars on its own are supported - what you're attempting to add are in fact html tags which are stripped hence my reference to Rich Text.
    No Peter, that is NOT correct. I was simply trying to get the email template to...
    1) start the link on a new line (that gets stripped away in the filtering)
    2) add "<" before the link variable %{ticket.client_link} and ">" after the link variable. (both gets stripped in the filtering)

    That is NOT html, nor is it rich text. (I'm not trying to add an anchor, e.g. href)

    I did edit it directly in the database table and it works fine.

    Any text email client supports newline and "<" and ">" characters.
  • @Mike-N-Tosh How did you edit it directly in de DB. I can use phpMyAdmin to edit the DB.

  • I edited in the db in the table email_template but it does not work. It still splits in 2.

    When I use <%{ticket.client_link}> It is not more a link, when I use < %{ticket.client_link} > it is a link but not a complete link.

    @Mike-N-Tosh please tell us how you get it done
  • @Mike-N-Tosh Please tell us. I tried it also and no luck here to.


  • is it not a format isseu in the file class.ticket.php thats causings this problem?? I am not a programmer so if somene could help us please.

  • edited May 2016

    I am also facing this same problem and i couldn't solve it by above all suggestions.

    I also found that a php file which is used in "include/class.ticket.php", makes some different in this scenario. when we include "../connection.php" file in this, we are unable to open that link. and when we remove that, we can open the ticket by this link. So i am not getting what exactly happening while using connection.php.
    //require_once '../connection.php';

    Please help me in this case.

  • @Ronak this thread is from 2013.
    Killing zombie thread with a head shot.
    Closing zombie thread.

    Please start your own thread, with your environment information, and description of your issue.
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