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osTicket Forums migration and update

edited October 2013 in Announcements
If you've visited the osTicket forums today you may have noticed a slight change. Previously the osTicket forums were running on vBulletin 3.x (Which in case you were not aware is pretty old). As of yesterday the forums were moved to a new [beefier] server and upgraded to the newest vBulletin 5.x. This upgrade will hopefully give us moderators and the devs a lot of new tools, better spam control, and a slew of things the deprecated v3 didn't have. (you can view a feature list of v5 at


  • edited October 2013
    Also didn't get a reply when you posted. I'll check my settings.

    EDIT: Checked settings, all applicable notifications enabled.
  • edited October 2013
    When using Internet Explorer 10 I have to log in 2 times and the post field and buttons not vissible.

    Using the updates forum with Dolphin on Android looks ugly.
    Could you add Tapatalk plugin to make it better to use on mobiles?

    Also missing the pagenumbers in thread lists to be able to go directly to the last page of a thread.
    UPDATE: found the button to go to the last post.
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    This is pretty bad software (design/layout is hideous and the code is far from being optimized for large forums). You should have went with XenForo.
  • edited October 2013
    I am no longer having any issues posting or navigating.

    Only things I have noticed:
    I have to click into a thread upon visiting the site for it to remember me.
    I still receive no notification emails.
    In the Mods and Customizations thread, I have no way to "Mark Channel As Read".

    All other issues seem to have been tentatively worked out.
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