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Internal tickets from different department

edited November 2013 in General Discussions

I was wondering : how would it be for an internal member of the company to create a ticket in its name (or in the name of a team) for another department ?
Would the member have to connect to CLIENT interface or will he be able to see it in another way inside the SCP interface ?

Thanks in advance


  • edited November 2013
    Thanks for you reply but it's not what I'm asking for.
    Let me explain it once again, but differently :

    I'm userA from DepartmentA. I have an internal demand for DepartmentB. I'm DBA, but I'm not in charge of VM creation ==> I need to ask for a VM Creation.
    I create a new ticket with "who should handle it". If things are well done, I don't need to specify department, I just need to set the help topic and it will be redirected to the good department. The help topic will be "VM Creation".

    How, me, userA, can I follow the ticket ? Will I have to log in as a regular customer (so, I won't connect in scp to see it).. OR will this ticket be accessible IN SCP ?
  • I also would like to create internal tickets, without the user, just staff member to staff member.
    It is possible in osticket?
  • Staff members can create tickets just like clients.
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