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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Any help for an old man please? :)

I have just installed osTicket 1.73 and everything is going well except for when someone replies to an email response to a ticket.

So Joe Public posts a ticket and Admin/Staff gets to respond to it in osTicket - (Admin/Staff also gets an email saying there's a ticket in).
Joe Public then gets the Admin/Staff response in an email, and he posts a reply to the email (I did '--- Post any reply above this line ---') - Admin/Staff then gets an email with Joe Public's response BUT nothing gets updated in the osTicket Ticket System.

I'm sure it's just a small thing I am missing but I can't figure it out :)

PHP Ver. 5.4.20
MySQL Ver. 5.5.32-cll
O/S. Linux
Apache Ver. 2.2.25

In Email Options & Settings I have Incoming Emails set at Enable POP/IMAP Polling - However I have not setup any special cron job or enabled auto-cron polling ... is this what's wrong? If so what do I do here (I know how to setup a cron job but not the specifics for this one).

Any help would be much appreciated, I apologise in advance if I have missed something stupid ... sometimes comes with age :)


  • edited December 2013
    No I'm afraid not.
    I've checked your two points above and neither of those seem to be a problem.

    This is how it goes:-

    A ticket is posted by a client and a Support Ticket Email Alert is sent - the Ticket is shown in the Admin panel and a Numbered Ticket response is emailed to the client.

    The Support Ticket Email is read by a Support Member and a response is posted in the system - the response gets emailed to the client and is logged in the Ticket System.

    The client adds a response 'Above the line' - then the whole email including the header and the response gets sent to the Support Member BUT nothing is added to the Ticket in the Admin Panel.

    So it seems that any responses by email do not get added to the ticket system.

    My ticket system is very low-key as it's just me not a 'team'.
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