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CC emails + Client Password Authentication MOD

Starting from WalterEgo's work (, I am writing a MOD implementing full support for CC emails AND simple password authentication for clients, therefore solving some main security issues (see here
As for CC emails, it works more or less as described in this post (cc opt out feature is still missing, I still have to work on that; and also client password reset should be implemented)
As for password auth for clients, instead of modifying the whole auth system based on email and ticket ID (otherwise it would become more of a fork rather than a simple MOD), I implemented a little workaround so that client login page asks for a password (required) and a ticket ID (optional), and if no (valid) ticket ID is provided (but the password is correct), the program picks up the first ticket id available for that client and then logs him/her in, redirecting him/her to ticket list page. Client passwords are automatically created by the program and sent via email to clients, and can be changed by clients after loggin in (there is also a "remember me" flag so clients do not need to insert email and password every time).
It is not exactly the best auth system ever :) but I just needed a quick and dirty MOD to implement CC emails with a minimum of security.
If you see strange comments in the code (like /*__(*/ ), do not worry: they are aimed at making this MOD easily portable to the Multilanguage MOD
Up to now I made some tests by my own and fixed some bugs, but I need people helping me testing it more deeply, you can find it here if you are interested:



  • Hi ,

    I have configured your module , but when i  create new ticket , user is not receiving the password on his mail .

    Am able to receive the alerts on admin email id .

    Let me know wat could be the issue .

  • please check first in the database
    do you see user's email in ost_client_passwords table?
  • Today I made a small but important bug fix (ticket "answered" status was not set correctly in case of user messages received by email), please download the new code
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