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Email reply to Closed ticket opens as New ticket Number

It seems when a new ticket is open by the web interface, after it has been closed (eg reply and close), if the user replies again by email to that now closed ticket it then opens it as a new ticket and does not re-open the same ticket, even though it has the original ticket number in the subject... which ends up being confusing because the subject now has two ticket numbers in it. This does not seem to be a problem when a ticket is originally created by an email and not the web interface.


  • edited December 2013
    Another instance of this issue which seems its not related to how the ticket was created...
     - a ticket was created by incoming email (piping).
     - previously client had replied by email and went to the right ticket
     - but now replied again and it created a new ticket (same email address in all cases). This was an out of office reply but would think that should make no difference: Subject: "Out of Office: Ticket #XXXXXX Reply Re: Ac....."


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