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Best way to customize?

Been using OSTicket since 1.6 or so and normally just been modding it to do what we need at the company I work for. This however always becomes an issue when trying to update to a new version. Seems to me like OS ticket really needs to update into "core and theme" kind of file structure such as WordPress looking for a modified file and if the file doesn't exist to fall back to the base. Makes updating completely seamless every time. So my question is simply this: what is the best way to modify OS Ticket so that updating with still be perfect every time or is there no such way and every update will be met with having to re-do all of out changes?


  • There is no way to do what your asking currently.
    That being said there has been a lot of talk recently about the upcoming plugin system that is supposed to be coming to osT starting with 1.8.1 (which will also come with the first plugin "authentication") which is right around the corner and should be out in DPR in the next few weeks.
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