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Set a global configuration option to "show" or "not show" the ticket number in ticket confirmation

I have read the forums and understand the logic of removing the ticket number from the ticket creation confirmation window.  i.e.  "Ticket #XXXXXX has been created".  I have several use cases where it would be beneficial for this to be visible.

It would be nice to permit the system administrators to enable or disable displaying the ticket number.


  • Just edit open.php

    Look for the line below

    array_fill(0, 3, 'XXXXXX'),

    And replace with

    array_fill(0, 3, $ticket->getExtID()),

  • While that solution will work, for security reasons we do not generally recommend doing so.
    Ticket numbers are essentially a password in osTicket until such time the First Class Users are implemented.

    note: if you have or use some other form of authentication or your installation is private this is not as big of a concern.
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