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Easier Ticket Information Editing

Hello, we've been using OST for about two years now, and really like it a lot, as it has been very helpful in managing all of our many form responses and ensuring that they all get answered.

One of the things that I would like to see in it would be for an easier way to change the user of a ticket; the new "add user" function in 1.8 is "interesting" but very tedious for us... 

Here's our scenario: we get leads from a site called These leads are coming from an external site, over which we have no control, and always come from the same email address. When we receive them, we review them and see which person in our company is most appropriate to handle the lead, assign the ticket to them, and edit the user information to match the from name and email contained within the body of that information.

The problem is that when you click the "edit" button, you go to another screen where the message body is no longer shown, and then you have to click "change" to change the user, but now you no longer have the clients' name and email in front of you, so it requires additional steps to save off that information before you go to the edit screen when, really, the ONLY thing we need to is to change the "from email address" so that replies to the ticket go to the actual user, not the fixed email address for

I'll have a look around under mods and customizations to see if anyone else has come up with a fix, or at least enough ideas for me to use to create a short-term hack, because we have enough of these situations where we need to edit that email address that it would save us a considerable amount of time and effort. Ultimately, however, it would be nice to see an integrated work around for this situation built right into the system without having to go through all the extra clicks and screens.



  • I just posted on your thread in Mods that this feature would be best implemented in the Ticket Filters code.

    However, especially with the changes in v1.8, the mod may be more difficult to implement for you, since you are likely creating a user based on the body of the email, which will add another step to the process.  Also, according to , it is probably not currently possible to create a new user when changing a user,  so you may need to implement a mod in 1.7 and avoid updating to 1.8 until the issue #172 enhancement is included in the release.
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