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Docs for plugins

How does it work?

I've managed to port some mods to plugins, got some lovely admin screens generated and working etc, however actually doing things seems to be the problem.

How does it hook the rest of the system?

The authentication system seems to have required extensive modification of the existing classes to plug in as it were. For anything else, we'd have to also Mod the code and then plug in. which seems to defeat the point.

Maybe I just don't understand it.

Can someone explain how it works to me like I'm a fine year old? ELi5 etc :-)

Figuring out how the auth mod worked I've abstracted a few classes and added my own similar architecture, but it's hackneyed and probably not as intended. I'd love to know the correct way.



  • I've been told to expect a plugin manual when 1.8.1 is released. :)
  • Ok.. I'll wait. :-)
  • I cant wait! Please post a link to the manual here when available please.
  • Man these were difficult to understand.. Tables with no comments, classes with no PHPDocs.. At least there is some type-hinting, but it's a bit of a crapshoot figuring out what is supposed to go where and why. 

    Some things can be hooked with class Signal.. that's what I've been working with. 

    My best advise? Find a working plugin and copy it, then edit it to do what you want. 

  • Someone can help me and give us  plugin manual if it exists,
    I think we need a good doc of developement of plugin, to can do anything without changin the core of osticket
  • edited October 2017
    There's an unofficial one, but it's out of date and some of its information is wrong. 

    I've built a few plugins, what do you need mate?

    FYI: There is a list of available (known working) plugins and resources here:

  • Added some detail to the manual, the main part that's out of date is the Despatcher.. frankly, if anyone could tell me how to get that working, I'd buy you so much beer! Nothing I've tried has worked. 
  • I have the same pb, the Dispacher doesn't work...
    Is there someone has a solution??
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