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Custom Fields

Hey guys,

I've got custom fields working and showing up etc, however I don't believe there's anyway to view the data people enter in the SCP on the ticket view page? How would I go about adding the fields to the list of info displayed among ticketid, email, date submitted etc.

Attached is how I have the field set up (OrderID), I just don't know how to have it display in the ticket view page without manually editing the code, or is that required?

Thanks for any help


  • if(isset($this->_answers["ordid"]->ht["value"])) {
      return $this->_answers["ordid"]->ht["value"];

    Seems a bit much to get custom fields but it works..
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    I don't follow you.  If you added extra fields when you go in and click on a ticket all that data is available right there.

    Nothing is attached.

    Please help us to help you by reading and following this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.
  • I've added extra fields and the extra data never shows up anywhere, hence why I've had to add that. I've checked every option in every menu for settings to make the extra fields show in the ticket view in scp and they never do.

    I wouldn't have come here if they had shown.

    PHP 5.4.21

    Attached is what I see on a ticket when the extra ordid field has been filled out. I'm not sure where you think OSTicket should be displaying the extra info but it's no where. I removed the Phone Number field and replaced it with the OrderID field you see shown, which works fine.

    Where would it usually be shown?

  • edited January 2014
    See attachment

    Note: I'm pretty sure if your ticket didn't exist prior to adding the custom fields it will not display anything since it has no data to display.
  • We are having the exact same problem as jorgemcjorge.   We have added custom fields to the default forms (added libcard to the default contact information form). They show up in the public interface - but NOT in the scp interface.
    We are on:
     OSTicket v1.8.0.2
    Apache 2.2.15 CentOS
    PHP 5.3.3 

    I don't mind editing the PHP to get it to display, but I don't want to do that if it is supposed to be showing up without those edits...

    I have a few screengrabs of each step.  1st is contact information form, 2nd is public view with the custom field showing up, and 3rd is the scp view with NO custom field on the same ticket.  

    If this is supposed to be displaying in the scp, then can anyone tell me why it isn't?  Any assistance greatly appreciated.

  • SCP doesn't display empty custom fields... only fields with data show up. Simply edit the ticket, to enter data.
  • edited October 2014

    I am having the exact same problem?  How did you fix your issue? hardcoding the php code?

    I also add custom fields to contact information and the user can see that when opening new ticket but there is no way to see the information on the staff ticket view.

    By the way, I am using osTicket v1.9.4-RC5 with Apache 2.2

  • Click on the user.
    Custom client data fields only show up when you view the client.
  • edited November 2014
    SCP doesn't display empty custom fields... only fields with data show up. Simply edit the ticket, to enter data.

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