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Link to ticket - Auto logon

Any chance there is an option to give people a link that has the ticket number and owner email in it so it will automatically log someone into the ticket when opening it?


  • Sorry I don't follow your question.  Nearly every email (could be every I have not checked all the templates) send a link that automatically logs the user in to view their ticket.
  • Oh, yeah that I know. I was hoping something along the lines as - just an example. Just so I can manually type it out quick if need be.
  • There was a way to do it with system variables (ie when you type in your reply).

    If memory serves me correctly (and presuming it still works) it was: %{url}/%{ticket.auth_token}
  • Interesting. I will check it out. I am extremely busy so it may be a while, but if I remember I will post my findings :-D
  • This no longer seems to work...or Iam missing a setting

    How can we provide a link with auto login?
  • Not working here either.
  • I believe that variable was replaced with

  • This variable "%{recipient.ticket_link}" is not working for me. It simply sends the user in a circle back to the page they were just at to request the link in the first place.
  • Does this work anymore?
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