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Unable to update Company Profile

osTicket Version v1.8.1
Server Software Apache
PHP Version 5.3.21
MySQL Version 5.1.69

In Settings
Company Profile

Error when trying to fill in data and change logo

Unable to update settings
Phone Number is a required field

I have tried every phone format I can think of:  888-555-1234, (888) 555-1234 etc but all fail

I did not have this issue prior to upgrading from RC1 to 1.8.1


  • You mean Admin panel -> Settings -> Company?

    I've tested this on my installation and it accepted both (111) 222-3333 and 1112223333.  Phone # is not a required field.  Have you altered your source?

    Have you altered Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Company Information
    (and perhaps changed the phone Number type drop down or checked Required?
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