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I am worried that each time I upgrade I will have to re-add all the customizations I have done. I have heard about child themes and have read up on theme but still don't get it. Does anyone have the patience and knowledge to help me with this? 

Your time is appreciated :)


  • No one? :(
  • Any ever create a child theme for osTicket? If so, any instructions on how to do so? 
  • "Child Theme" is a bit of WordPress jargon.
    Since osTicket is not WordPress, I don't think you will gain much traction here with it.
  • I appreciate the response. I somewhat thought it was strictly for WP, but I had hoped otherwise. However, a "Child Theme" concept would be an amazing for osTicket because I am sure everyone customizes their files to look like their site or to match what their vision is. It's been a while since I have did an update to a live osTicket install, so I don't recall the ease, but I still think having your customization in a different location than your actual osTicket source files would be beneficial. 
  • Having customization separate from source code is fairly common with themes for other content management systems I have worked with, not just WordPress.

    However, it is usually just a change to the way the site looks, not a change to the actual code of how the site operates.

    The closest analog I can think of in osTicket is the plugin system (same is true of WordPress).
    If you made all of your modifications into an osTicket plugin, you might have a better chance of being able to retain them across osTicket upgrades. I say 'might' because I've never made an osTicket plugin, and new versions of osTicket have broken people's plugins in the past.  On the flip side though, I've been using the LDAP plugin since 1.9.4 and it still works.

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