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Preset Template

Currently, Ticket Summary, and Ticket Detail are required fields.

QUESTION: Is there a way to make them non-required.

---- I created several custom forms... which do not require the Summary for Detail.

For example: My customer wants to delete an email account.

Visitor selects "Delete Email Address"

{custom form}
- they enter they email address they want to delete
- they select the date to terminate the email address

There's no need to enter anything else... but they are force to enter Summary and Detail ticket
---- in which they basically enter some repeated character - ie: 111111111111111111111111

If they want to create a new email address
- they select "create a new email address"

then on a custom form...
- they enter the persons first name (field 1)
- and last name (field 2)
- and select a start date

that's it... but now with this requirements... they enter a string of characters for the Summary and Detail.


  • There is no way to do this currently via the ui.
  • Is it possible to pre-populate the standard fields (Ticket Summary, and Ticket Detail)?

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