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Chunk table is Large


I was checking my DB and the ost_file_chunk is with 3Gb.. Someone knows what can I do with this table ?

Thanks and regards


  • That table is large because it holds all your file attachments.
    What are you looking to do with it?
  • I need to decrease the size of this table.

    But I don't want to lose my files.

    Can I put this file in a folder or somethinng like that ? not in DB.
  • You can download, install, and configure the storage-fs plugin from the repo.

    But that will not move your files out of the database though.
  • Thanks a lot.

    But this works for osticket 1.7 ?
  • I will try to upgrade so ... Really Thanks for your help :)
  • Very welcome.  I am going to close this thread, but please start a new one if you have another comment/question/etc.
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