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[resolved] Check Ticket Status Link Email Loop

I am having a looping issue with the link that is sent to the users email. This is with osticket v8.1.1.2, just installed. 
PHP 5.33
MySQL 5.1.69
PHP Extentions: gdlib, imap, xml, json, gettext

I agree that it is a good policy to send an email to the end user containing a link, instead of just doing it on the web interface. In my testing, I entered the email and ticket number, and quickly received the email containing the link. 

But, when I follow the link it goes right back to the check ticket status page and again asks for my email and ticket #.  It is looping. I have recieved 3 emails with the link, but it just keeps on looping me back around. Cannot check the ticket status. 

Any advice out there?

Thank you.


  • Sorry, osticket is v1.8.1.2, not v8.1.1.2!
  • Is there anything in the Admin panel -> Dashboard -> system logs that would indicate whats going on?
    Or your PHP error logs? 
    Or your Apache error logs? 
    Or your MySQL Error logs?
  • There is nothing in the Admin panel other than some excessive log in attempts from user. (myself)

    I don't see any errors in /var/log/httpd/error_log or /var/log/mysqld.log

    Is there anything I should look for specifically?

    I thought it might be helpful to paste the link that is sent to the user (edited domain):

  • edited April 2014
    and your seeing this?


    And your installation is in domain/support?
    So I would think that perhaps your using some sort of redirects (.htaccess) or you have the url to the support system wrong in Admin panel -> Settings -> Helpdesk URL:
  • edited April 2014
    No, that is not what I am seeing. I never actually see an error or bad page. It is just a loop, I will explaine below. The installation is in the domain /support. The helpdesk settings in the Admin panel are accurate. 

    I will try to explain the occurrences in order. If that may help. 

    1. User opens ticket. The user receives a notification email as expected. The email contains the following. 

    A request for support has been created and assigned ticket #202240

    You can view this ticket's progress online here:

    If you wish to add comments simply login using the link above and update the ticket. Please review the complete ticket details below. 

    Thank you, 
    it support dept."

    2. User follows hyperlink to osticket "Email Access Link" page with 2 fields to complete. 
    i. Email Address
    ii.Ticket #
    User submits this request and an email is sent to the user with the link to view the ticket thread.

    3. It is at this point where the loop starts. The user follows the link in the access email shown below. 
    "An access link request for ticket #202240 has been submitted on your behalf for the helpdesk at

    Follow the link below to check the status of the ticket #202240 

    If you did not make the request, please delete and disregard this email. Your account is still secure and no one has been given access to the ticket. Someone could have mistakenly entered your email address. "

    4. This brings the user BACK to the same page as step 2, the same "Email Access Link" page. It again asks for 1) Email address and 2) Ticket #. When the user clicks submit, they get another email described in step 3, asking them to follow the link to check the ticket status. This link brings them back again to the "Email Access Link" page. And it loops from there. 
  • Are you redirecting or url re-writing from

    because if you are I bet thats where the problem is coming from.

    gives me a 404 not found.

    This gives me a login prompt. redirects me to
  • You were right. I forgot the s on https (our new site will be secure.)

    This fixed the loop I was having. 

    Close it up! I appreciate your attentiveness @ntozier!
  • Well you still found the problem yourself.  I just pointed you in the right direction apparently. :)

    I'm going to close this thread since your resolved.  Feel free to start a new thread if you have another comment/question/query/wonder.
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