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[resolved] Issue Setting Ticket System Time

Hello All,

This is with osticket v1.8.1.2.
PHP 5.33
MySQL 5.1.69
PHP Extentions: gdlib, imap, xml, json, gettext

The time is off by 4 hours on my installation. It is 11:49AM as I write this post. My ticket system says it is 3:49pm. Observe daylight saving box is not checked. 

Any advice on how to make this the correct time?

Thank you.


  • This has been covered on the forums multiple times.  Please use search in the future.

    Check the following:
    1. your PHP.ini for your set time zone.
    2. My Preferences -> Time Zone
    3. Admin panel -> Settings -> Default Time Zone
    4. Admin panel -> Staff -> each staff -> Staff's Time Zone
  • Sorry for not checking better. I will be sure to check it out now. 

    To answer your questions:

    1. your PHP.ini for your set time zone. - US/Eastern - Correct Time shown

    2. My Preferences -> Time Zone  - US/Eastern Correct Time also shown on this page. 
    3. Admin panel -> Settings -> Default Time Zone - Eastern Time (US and Canada) Zone, but time is 4 hours ahead. This is the only incorrect time I can find. 
    4. Admin panel -> Staff -> each staff -> Staff's Time Zone - I changed all of these to Eastern Time (US and Canada) and the time is shown correctly. 

    Any thoughts?
  • Any thoughts on...?  I'm not sure I follow you.  If you have set the time as indicated the time should be correct. Where are you seeing an incorrect time?
  • I agree: I faced the same issue - I've ticked the box OBSERVE DAYLIGHT SAVING in my preference, but also for all the staff member I've defined. now it is working properly, Thanks a lot


  • I have done that as well. A test shows everything working correctly as far as time goes. I did encounter a few more issues in the email exchange, but I will look for that thread on the forum. This can be closed. 

    Thanks ntozier. 
  • Awesome!  I'm glad that fixed things up for you two. I'll close this thread, please feel free to start a new one if you have another question. :)
This discussion has been closed.