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[MOD] Toggle Tickets Content Preview

edited November 2013 in Mods and Customizations
osTicket 1.7ST comes with the ticket header preview in tickets listing page, but sometime it's not enough to determine what action should do toward the tickets. And it's time-consuming for admin/managers to open each ticket and read its content one by one. So why don't we hide the last ticket thread content and only display them when we need?

1. Fancy JQuery sliding effect
2. One-click to expend/hide all
3. User profile setting to expend all on default

How to:
1. When staffs click the toggle icon beside ticket subjects, the last ticket content toggle just below the ticket .
2. Toggle ALL tickets content by clicking "Toggle Content Preview" button.
3. Staffs can set to expend all tickets by default in their profile page.

Best to use with [MOD] Batch Ticket Assign together, so admin/managers can preview and assign tickets directly in the tickets list page, without going into each ticket.


Single ticket content expended

All tickets content expended

Staff profile setting on default expending

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