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custom tickets for each different department


Does osTicket 1.9 allow you to create custom tickets for each different department?

For example if I have 2 departments, 'Web Services' and 'Design Services'. Could I have different fields in my ticket if I choose 'Web Services' department ticket and different fields in my ticket if 'Design Services' department is chosen?


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  • Nope.

    You can have separate ticket info based on Help Topic.  And you can use the Help Topics to assigned tickets to specific Departments though.
  • Thats great thanks for your help with this.

    A kind individual from osticket gave me this detailed explanation, will help other newbies.



    Thank you for your email. You would simply create the Departments as Help Topics and create custom forms to add to those help topics. Therefore, when users select that help topic- the additional fields will populate. 

    You can do this by going to your Admin Panel > Manage > Help Topics & Forms. 

    Create a Custom List by going to Admin Panel > Manage > Lists and selecting “Create New List.” The content of this list is 100% up to you! The “Name” will be what end users see when they are filling out the ticket form whereas the “Plural Name” will be how the list is named in the drop down to select this list in a form. We encourage you to include abbreviations where applicable as these will be included when users start typing the information. This is an example of how the Custom List feature can be used:


    Custom Lists can then be added to a Custom Form which will allow you to require information from the user when they create tickets. These fields can also be for internal use only. Custom Forms also allow you to create a variety of answer fields; all customizable by you. Fields can be listed as internal- to be utilized by staff for internal ticket creation or when editing an exiting ticket; or required for when the user submits a ticket. These Custom Forms can then be added to Help Topics to help improve your workflow by capturing any required information from the user when submitting a ticket.image

    To assign to custom form to a Help Topic, go to Admin Panel > Manage > Help Topics > and select desired help topic. In the New Ticket Options section, choose custom form from the drop down to be added when clients or staff are creating a new ticket. Only one custom form can be added to each Help Topic.


    BUILT-IN FORMS: These forms are included on each new ticket that is created by client or staff; regardless of Help Topic selected. Currently, the software ships with Contact Information, Ticket Details and Company Information as Built-in Forms which are included on each new ticket created. We suggest you preview these built-in forms to see the information contained in them. All can be edited to further work with your company’s workflow. Fields which are marked “Required” will show in bold on the ticket form.

  • Now it's possible with 1.10.1? 

    custom tickets for each different department

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