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Store Attachments to Network Storage

Has anyone been able to store attachments on network storage?

I tried to leverage the storage-fs plugin to allow me to do this, but it won't let me use a network location, even if it's mapped.

This may be a limitation of the plugin and/or system, but I figured there ought to be some way to do it if you can save to Amazon S3 with the storage-s3 plugin.

Anyone have any ideas?


  • can you map/mount the network storage using the local file system on the machine and use the local path?
  • I tried that but was unsuccessful.

    I mapped a network drive as K:\, made sure the folder I wanted was available and the machine had appropriate permissions to it, and then put that string in the storage-fs plugin configuration page (K:\Tickets) for example.

    This was not successful, and I received a message saying, "Path does not exist".  I also attempted to use the UNC address to the directory, but that failed as well.

  • schmidt I am in the same situation.

    You would assume that the location wouldn't matter as long as the system has permission.

    If there isn't a resolution for this I might just save the files inside the web server file system and have a bat file move anything in the folder to the network location.
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