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Error sending email to hotmail, gmail, etc

Good morning, I just set the parameters for sending email which is managed with a server that is located in the place where I work. is that if I send mail to corporate e Address List, but when I try to send an email, eg hotmail or a gmail address, tells me that a notice could not be sent. So, if I'm not missing some option enabled for this to be done or something like that. Corporate emails are used Outlook 2010. Influence not know if this somehow because as I say, do the test by sending to these addresses and if I get directions but hotmail, gmail, etc.


  • Is it a shared hosting? Most of them blocks outgoing e-mail ports.
  • Please speak with your IT/IS department (or email host) and tell them what you are doing, and what is happening.  It sounds to me like your email is being prevented from being sent at the server level or something.
  • whether it can solve the problem of e lol, this is that the ports were bad and password. I can now send and email revicir but now the question is that, according to my understanding that if I send this email may appear on the plank of tickets, ie you comvierte but not how to enable it. I am using xampp as a web server and this is mounted in ubuntu 12.04 anyone will have any ideas or suggestions to solve this.
  • I'm sorry but I have no idea what you are trying to ask.  Please try asking again in a different way.
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