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please how close a ticket

hi every one please I want to know how can a user or admin can close a ticket
Thank you


  • Sure can mate,

    There are a few options.

    1) Open the ticket that you want to close and scroll to the top and click on the button that says CLOSE - see attached picture
    2) Open the ticket and just after the reply allocated section it says = Ticket Status [ ] Close on reply - if you check that and click send it will close as well

    I'm using osTicket 1.8.3 but I'm sure that 1.9 is the same.


  • Another option is to go the Tickets tab and where you see all the tickets available with Check Boxes next to them - Check the ticket you want to close and then below the available tickets is a CLOSE button.
  • Hi thank you
  • You are welcome
  • Personally I mostly close tickets by ticking the "Close on Reply" check box at the bottom of the ticket when I update them.
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