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Email templates not saving as set

Hello there,

I'm trying to setup custom HTML templates for OSTicket e-mails but it seems that there's an issue whenever I try to use a <p style=whatever></p>. The whole thing disappears and the text goes unformatted.

Furthermore, I noticed that if I don't close with the </p> it works sometimes as long as I don't use more than two in the same templates.

I'm completely lost... Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!



  • Tried editing them directly in the database.

    If I do so, OSTicket freezes when trying to open the template I manually changed.
  • What version of osTicket are you using? osTicket has supported HTML templates since version 1.7.
  • @peter he has tagged it osticket v1.9 
  • Aye, version 1.9.
  • Please provide the actual code that you are trying to use.
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