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Email Issue & Some Question

I'm running on 
CentOS 6.5
php 5.3.3
mysql 5.1.73
Apache 2.2.15

I've successfully installed the latest version of osTicket. But, I tried to send a mail from the diagnostic page it just don't work.  
Is there any special setting required?

1. Is it possible to integrate with MS Exchange for emailing?
2. Possible to added in required field when closing ticket?
3. Possible to generate CI Report and export to CSV or XLS?


  • 1. Yes.  We've run osTicket utilizing Exchange to send emails for years.

    2. No.

    3. I have no idea what a "CI Report" report is, but probably the answer is no since osTicket really doesn't have any built in reporting other than the Dashboard (which imo is ... lacking.)
  • thanks for the comment. would you mind sharing which doc can i follow?
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