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problem from osTicket-1.9?


Can someone help me with my new installation of osTicket 1.9 v?
Here are my issues:
1. when the agent/staff reply to the ticket of the user via email, the user will not receive the reply (vice versa, even the staff/agent will reply to the ticket via email), I'm confused because the replied email is actually posted in web portal of my osticket. 
I believed this reply email should be "New Activity Notice" template to user side.

  1. Is it possible to notify all the staffs as well when i reply to ticket? via web or email?

  2. When the user created the ticket via email, then agent/staff receive the ticket via email but seems like it is not in good format.. seems like paragraph issue. 
    example: when the user send ticket like below:
    i have problem

Then from the agent/staff side they will receive like this:
hi, i have problem thanks,

Hopefully someone can help me with these things..

Thanks in adavance.


  • moving thread out of "Suggestions and feedback" forum to "Troubleshooting and Problems".

    1.  Correct, it updates the ticket using the internal only "notes".

    1. (the other 1) That depends on how you have your staff and departments configured.  We personally use our main ticket system email as a mailing list so any response gets sent to all of the people on said list.

    2. Have you enabled Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> "Enable HTML Ticket Thread:"?
  • Hi ntozier,

    Thanks for the correction and reply, kindly check below comments:

    1. === yeah, so in that case there are no possible way to notify the user/staff when the reply sent via email?

    1. (the other 1) == you mean i need to use alias? not a mailbox, then in that alias i will put all the staff email ad?

    2. === yes it was already enabled. same problem.

  • 1. It's not considered a real reply, its an internal note.  You can alert the respondent, assigned staff, or department manager at Admin panel -> Settings -> Alerts & Noitices -> New Internal Note.

    1 (the other 1).  You can do it however you want to do it.  I was simply letting you know how we do it where I work.

    2. Then I'm afraid I dont understand what you mean.  If you have HTML threads enabled you can use html markup in your ticket threads. 
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