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[resolved] cusomter portal new ticket errors.

i started with os ticket at 1.9RC1 and the issues has persisted sense the upgrade to 1.9 release. when my clients goto submit new tickets they get a blank page. I'm gett this error 
"Invalid CSRF Token __CSRFToken__

Invalid CSRF token [a1f7c619661b1c93a6392e9f6ba82391ac2694a0] on

Log Date: Thu, May 22 2014 1:05pm IP Address: *.*.*.* (ip omitted)"
in the log every time. some times the ticket won't even go through all the way and no info other than a new ticket and the submitters info will go though. 


  • Based on the non-themed /scp I see when I go to your page, you need to re-download and upload osticket again to your web server for starters.  MAke sure you clear your web broswer cache after you do that.
  • i did that when 1.9.0 came out and everything was working fine, i didn't add a theme. so, what you are saying is that i should wipe the www root directory with os ticket in it, leave the DB alone, and re-add the file from a fresh download?
  • well except the new ticket page. 
  • You should download the archive.
    extract it.
    Use the contents of the new folder/upload and to over write your current files.

    You can achieve that a number of different ways.  Remember that you want to keep your ost-config.php file as it contains your database settings.
  • okay lets see what happens.
  • nope, still goes to a blank page. 
  • it also didn't take the description in the new ticket when i made a test one. 
  • So your saying that when a client navigates to:
    They are greeted by a blank page?

    As a side note are you running 1.9.0 now?
    Are you running the LDAP pluggin? [If yes did you also upgrade it?]
  • no to LDAP, and no again, when they goto (after logged in) they can see the create a new ticket page. the issue is when they click submit after filling out the new ticket information, it takes them to a blank page still at the same url. on the ticket side of things, the user in question is part of an organization. so when this user creates a new ticket no description comes through to the ticket, i don't get assigned to the ticket, and neither does any of the primary users that are suppose to be collaborators. essentially the only thing that happens is a new ticket is created, with the user that did it, and the title of the ticket. 
  • And whats logged in the php error log?
  • where can i find the php log on windows server. also i think this issue is related to something else as well. i finally got the email working (unsecured) but when i email to make a new ticket the same thing happens where the ticket is opened but no description comes through, instead i get "Error fetching ticket thread - get technical help."

  • This issues was Solved by update 1.9.1 bug#7335525
  • Excellent!  I'll close this thread and mark it as resolved.  Please feel free to start a new thread if you have another question/comment/suggestion/etc.  :)
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