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Email replies, and new tickets Via email not working

so I've got an email account setup is OST and my email server says that its logging in and at the frequency that I've set, but no replies and no new tickets are created from this account. 


  • edited May 2014
    so i think i made a boo boo but when i enable ticket fetching i get this
    TLS/SSL failure for WIN-IQ9LP6T2D28: Invalid token, probably not an SSL server

    does this mean osticket can't work with self signed SSL?
  • so i got the email to work with out TLS/SSL but u still want SSL to work. any ideas?
  • This thread does not really present enough information for me to point you in the right direction. It sounds to me like your mail server does not (or is not configured to) support TLS/SSL.
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