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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

Upgrade stalled from to 1.9

I've been trying to upgrade and have run into some errors:

1) Receive an email - DB Error #1146:

[ SELECT id FROM ost_content WHERE `type`='banner-staff']
Table 'orchidla_ostick2.ost_content' doesn't exist

---- Backtrace ----
#0 (root)/include/mysqli.php(163): osTicket->logDBError('DB Error #1146', '[ SELECT id FRO...')
#1 (root)/include/ db_query(' SELECT id FROM...')
#2 (root)/scp/login.php(22): Page::getIdByType('banner-staff')
#3 {main}

2) Upgrade goes into an eternal "still busy... smile #XXXX" mode. It's currently been there for hours.

3) osTicket goes into "Support Ticket System Offline" and one cannot get out of this. No tickets can be posted. Admin functions cannot be accessed.

4) The System Log has thousands of these entries:

Upgrader - 4323a6a8 (task pending).
The TemplateContentLoader task reports there is work to do

As things currently stand, upgrading to 1.9 is impossible right now. I have tried this on a fresh install of and get the same result. I am on a Lightspeed (apache) server. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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