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Auto assign ticket on creation

Hi all :)
Does anyone know if it is possible to automatically assign to the staff member creating it?
Currently if a staff member creates a ticket, then the system does not allocate it to anyone until a reply is added - can I change this in the settings somewhere?

Help appreciated :)


  • While creating the ticket there is "Assinged to" field in ticket information. Person should put himself/herself as a value to it. Another option is that the person creating the ticket would claim the ticket after creating it
  • Thanks korhojuh  but I think my users are forgetting to enter that field - that's why the request was for automatic allocation...
  • Users shouldn't be assigning tickets, staff (aka managers) should.
    You can set the default department [Admin panel -> Settings -> Default Department, or by Help Topic, or by Ticket Filters], but you cannot assign a ticket to an individual staff automatically.  You can manually do it though.

  • Fair enough - I'll take it as a 'feature' ;)
    Thanks for the answer...
  • Very welcome. 

    Should I close this thread, or would you like it left open for now?
  • Feel free to close it - I guess it's a personal preference thing...
    Thanks :D
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