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Clicking on Profile at the top takes the user to the front page

In the client side:

Clicking on Profile at the top takes the user to the front page. So their is no way for the user to change their password, even when allowed to do so from the Admin Settings.

Could anyone else confirm?


  • anyone?
  • edited June 2014
    Update: I noticed that with a fresh installation and a fresh database, the link works properly (Profile link redirects to account.php and it shows the user information page) but when I migrate from the version that I have in production v1.8.1.2, then the link takes the user to the front page. However, if I manually change in the address bar the link to profile.php, then I can actually see the profile user information.

    Does this means it could be an issue related to the database?

    of could it be a glitch inside account.php.. see code below:

    if (!$cfg || !$cfg->isClientRegistrationEnabled()) {

    elseif ($thisclient) {
        // Guest registering for an account
        if ($thisclient->isGuest()) {
            foreach ($thisclient->getForms() as $f)
                if ($f->get('type') == 'U')
                    $user_form = $f;
            $user_form->getField('email')->configure('disabled', true);
        // Existing client (with an account) updating profile
        else {
            $user = User::lookup($thisclient->getId());
            $content = Page::lookup(Page::getIdByType('registration-thanks'));
            $inc = isset($_GET['confirmed'])
                ? '' : '';

    Any help would be highly appreciate it! 
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