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Permission management

Howdy Peter, Jared (and Oscar ;) for sure)

osTicket is gone thru quite a great development process since the 1.7.0 (I guess it was "Desoto") and it seems like permission management was (a bit) excluded from this process...

Great new features like "Forms", "User management" and "Organizations" have been added to osTicket, but most of these new (and also old) features are only usable as an admin (or did I missed something?!) which leads me to my/our suggestion for a better permission management to e.g. allow (specific) staff users / (permission) groups creating forms or managing their mail template sets or SLA's and so on.

We know that there are the groups which manage the permissions for staff / admins if they are allowed to e.g. ban a mail address or not and so on, but it's totally missing the ability to handle (allow/forbid) staff/admin permissions to e.g. create a custom form or defining SLA's when someone is a department manager (or simply has the permission to do it) or creating own new help topics for the department... and so on.

Currently I/we only see 2 possibilities: Keeping admin accounts for the "real" admins and do any new form, new ticket filter, or modification to existing forms etc. together with the manager / members of the other departments (e.g. Public Relations dept or Facility Management dept) which costs us extra time OR give them an admin account which could lead to things like "I accidentially changed the imap settings or delete the mail addresses or the department or something else" which we do surely not want.

So it would be great if permission management would also make a (huge) step and go with the rest of the great osTicket development process. I/we know that's maybe something that will take it's time, but we (and I guess other too) think it's worth the time since osTicket would become even more administration friendly when the admin is able to decide what could/shall be managed by the department (members/manager) or the a specific Group and what really is still in the System admins hand.

Beside that there are a few little improvements that could also help administrating / managing osTicket even better (like combining "Admin Panel -> settings -> mail" and "Admin Panel -> mail" in the admin Panel to have everthing related to mail in one place), but I will start another thread for them.

Would be great if you guys could add it to your (long term) roadmap.

Cheers, Michael


  • It's been stated a couple times in the forums that staff accounts are headed towards role based permissions.  We just haven't gotten to it yet.  It is coming though.
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