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"Changed files" only upgrade option?

I like to keep all installations as current as possible, including osTicket. The only issue (I'm not complaining as I appreciate ALL the hard work everyone puts in) that's kind of a pain is upgrading when a new version comes out as I have a lot of visual customizations and it can take me a couple days to get everything back looking the way I had it prior to the upgrade.

I have seen other programs (phpbb for example) that offer just a "changed files" package that can be merged with your current installation to minimize breaking these thematic changes that have been made. Does osTicket ever plan to offer just a changed files package for upgrading current installations? Is there a listing in GitHub of what files are changed when new versions come out so maybe upgraders could just upgrade the needed files?

Many thanks ahead of time...



  • Maybe it works keeping the .zip of the current version and when a new version is out, you just extract both archives and diff them to find the files changed and then copy over the changed files (AFTER you did a backup of your osTicket directory and database of course). After that you can mod your osTicket installation to include your visual customizations.

    Additionally I suggest you to submit your customizations as pull requests to the github repo and if they are good enough, the developers may decide to merge them, but that's their decision...
  • You could also:
    1. utilize the well documented diff command.
    2. Use github, start your own branch, use the compare tool to see he differences between yours and the new version

    There is no plan to introduce and maintain another package at this time.
  • Many thanks for the responses.

    Windows doesn't support diff, but did find a great little open source program called WinMerge that will compare and flag changed files...
  • Actually there is (was? I haven't looked for a while) a diff utility released by Microsoft called windiff.  I didn't like it very much and used Winmerge which is essentially a diff for windows tool.  I was going to recommend it. :)
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