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Broken names with spaces

Dear all, hello!
I found a strange problem, both on SCP and client side. If a customer or a staff member has got a composed name/surname with a space in the middle (example "De Vito"), osTicket 1.9.1 breaks it in "Vito".
The workaround, SCP side, is to cut away the space, but we cannot do anything client side.

Can anybody help?
Thank you!


  • Where is this being displayed? (ie what did you click on to see it)
  • ntozier, hello.
    The problem appears if a customer opens a new ticket as "Danny De Vito". I see:
    - in SCP > Users > user directory, column "name" the value "Danny Vito" (Expected "Danny De Vito")
    - in SCP > Users > click on the name of the user > top left corner of the user detail I have "Danny Vito" again (Expected "Danny De Vito").
    - into the notification mail (ticket answered), the customer received an "Hello, Vito" (expected "Danny De Vito")

    We experience the same kind of problem in case of a staff member first name is "Danny" and surname is "De Vito":
    - notification mail sent to the staff begins with a "Hi Danny Vito,"

    I hope this helps.
  • This is a setting issue - change Default Name Formatting to "As Entered" in Admin Panel > Setting > System.
  • Peter,
    thank you very much for your help: it is a very good workaround also if IMHO it is not the best practice.

    The best solution should be to have different fields for first, mid and last name. This is because in the below example "De" is NOT the mid name, but it is part of the surname.

    Best regards,
  • Actually that is best practice for osTicket. Especially when you take into consideration some cultures have multiple multiple last names.
  • Ntozier, hello and thank you for your reply.
    Here in Italy a lot of people has got a second (or third or also fourth!!!) name. In our culture only during formal documents we use all of them, while during daily use (also when using TicketOS) we simply use only the first one.

    Apart this, the workaroud is great and the case is closed, by my side.
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