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POP/IMAP fetch without SSL not working

Hi All,

I'm new to osTicket, I'd like to try it, but I'm ran into a problem right after installation that I can't solve.
I read everything I fount on 'osTicket e-mail problem' topic here and all over the net, but I can't find any usable solution.

The problem: I would like to setup POP3 e-mail fetch and outgoing SMTP for an e-mail address, without success.
I always get the following error in SCP at the top:

Warning: imap_open(): Couldn't open stream {}INBOX in /usr/local/www/osticket/include/class.mailfetch.php on line 139


Invalid login. Check POP settings

TLS/SSL failure for SSL negotiation failed

in the upper region and in the middle of form.

I don't want to use TLS/SSL, my mail server (running on another machine) using plain POP3 on standard port 110.
The account info I entered is working fine, I tested it with webmail and with telnet from the osTicket machine.
If this matters: the user name is the e-mail address (with a @ in the middle).
I also tried IMAP without success, too.

As you can see, I already modified the PHP code (moved /novalidate-cert after /ssl) with no luck.

When the error show up, the username and password I entered revert back to my admin account's username/password data, and my entered credentials not saved. I can't check that the correct name/pass is in use for the test.

My environment for osTicket:
- FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE i386
- osTicket v1.8.0.2
- Apache/2.2.25 (FreeBSD) PHP/5.4.21 SVN/1.8.4 mod_ssl/2.2.25 OpenSSL/1.0.1e DAV/2
- PHP: 5.4.21
- MySQL: 5.1.72
- all req'd extensions available

Where to start over to solve this problem?



  • "TLS/SSL failure for SSL negotiation failed"

    Makes me think that either your server requires SSL and your not initiating a SSL connection, or Your trying to initiate an SSL connection and your server doesn't support SSL.  I would revert to stock code, and try again.
  • The server not requires (nor accepts)  TLS or SSL and of course I didn't set this mode in osTicket Admin, too.
    I tried with stock code first with no luck.
    I get the PHP imap_open manual, evaluated the possibilites and made the modification mentioned above but not helped.
    I reverted to stock code in the meantime, but it not works for me.
  • This works fine in my installation...
    Please provide your email settings in Admin panel -> Emails -> youremail under Mail Account.
    Feel free to sanitize your server name.
  • My settings on Admin Panel/Emails/Email/my email address:

    Email address: ''
    Email name: 'My Company Support'
    New Ticket Priority: 'Normal'
    New Ticket Dept.: 'Support'
    Auto-response: enabled (Disabled not checked)
    Username: ''
    Password: my_email_password
    Status: Enabled
    Host: ''
    Port: '110'
    Protocol: 'POP'
    Encryption: 'None'
    Fetch Frequency: '5'
    Emails per Fetch: '20'
    Fetched Emails: Move to: 'Backup' folder
    SMTP Status: Enabled
    SMTP Host: ''
    SMTP Port: '25'
    Authentication Required: 'No'
    Allow Header Spoofing: disabled (Allow email header spoofing not checked)

    Just to clarify: the POP3 server name is not, and the SMTP server belongs to a third entity: my ISP. The user name for POP3 is my e-mail address.
  • FYI: I upgraded to 1.8.1-rc1 and e-mail problem is the same. I can't connect to POP3 server.

    I can't figure out how to resolve. Tried other web-based ticket systems available freely, and the same e-mail box worked as desired. So, the problem not lies in wrong credentials, or POP3 nor SMTP servers.
  • I've asked the devs to take a look at this thread.
  • Thank you! I don't know how can I help the investigation. But I will answer the questions, if there will be any.
  • edited February 2014
    Thank you! I don't know how can I help the investigation. But I will answer the questions, if there will be any.

  • Im having same issue. Get same errors and have same setup.

    I have checked on open ports and my smtp is working fine, its "only" imap/pop thats breaking down for me. when i use imap setting i get another type of error and the admin module shutsdown, so i have to reload page.

  • Any solutions to this issue?

    I'm also trying to use POP/IMAP with no encryption, but getting "SSL negotiation failed".
  • By the way, the mail server accepts unencrypted connections.

    When looking in tcpdump, I see osticket tries to establish encrypted connection, although it's set to not use it in the settings.
  • I had this issue with my server, apparently after enabling the POP logging and IMAP loging I noticed it was using port 9933 for imap4 and 9955 for pop3 and it still wanted SSL even after checking that SSL wasn't required.
  • I'm really new to this so far I have an issue where tickets are not created when emails are sent. What's really throwing off in this scenario is that my other email accounts are working but not a specific account I keep on getting Invalid Login. Check POP Settings. Can't connect to exchange server:995: Refused. Can anyone help me on this?

  • edited September 2014
    You should create a "New discussion" for your issue, and be sure to include the details about your setup. And refer to Please read before requesting assistance
  • Also: "Can't connect to exchange server:995: Refused" your mail server is refusing the connection.
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