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Can a ticket be assigned to several users?


I have a customer who always wants me to cc several people whenever I refer to certain topics.

When just sending emails, I simply created a list in Thunderbird, so I won't forget to cc anyone.

Since we currently have a project with several separated topics, I'd like to use OSTicket to administrate those topics. I'm running 1.9.2, and all works well as long as I only assign one user to the ticket.

But is it possible to assign one and the same ticket to more than one users? What I'd need is that when I create a new ticket, I should be able to assign several users. Everybody should be able to reply to the ticket by email. Then, when I post an answer, again the answer should be distributed to all assigned users.

Can this be done?

Thanks a lot!



  • Tickets has an owner (singular).
    Owners can belong to an Organization (singular).
    Tickets can be assigned to an individual (singular).
    Tickets can also belong to a Department (singular).
    Teams can be used to over ride Department access.
    Additionally Collaborators can be used to send updates to multiple recipients.
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    Hi ntozier,

    thank you very much for your answer, I wasn't aware of the "Collaborators" feature.

    It basically works, but I'd like to "throw out" some ideas how I believe it could be implemented a bit neater.

    If I'm not mistaken, it is not possible to add collaborators when creating the ticket. Instead, the ticket has to be created and saved first, and then edited.

    But by adding the collaborators AFTER creating they ticket, they will not receive the initial email with the ticket description. I'm aware there's a workaround (creating ticket with basically no description (but can't be empty), then saving it, adding collaborators, then posting the real topic as first reply).

    IMHO, this is a somehow "bumpy" way of doing it.

    Wouldn't it be easier if the collaborators could be added in the same window where the user is added:

    And another thought: It would be great of collaborators could not only be added as individual members, but as teams.

    Lets say my customer has three people with whom I have to deal: Employee A, B and C.

    Employee A and B are part of the Pricing Team. Employee B and C are part of the Web Team.

    When I create a ticket related to pricing, I could just assign it to the Pricing team, instead of picking the individual members every time.

    Or in other words:

    - A user can belong to n (0, 1 or several) teams
    - A ticket can have n collaborators
    - Collaborators can be individuals, or teams

    Please don't get me wrong, I really like OSTicket, especially the piping (allowing customers to answer by email) is amazing. What I wrote above is just meant to be "food for thought", a constructive criticism. I believe it reflects a "daily life business reality".


  • Thanks for the feedback. I'll point out this thread to the devs. :)
  • edited July 2014
    Thank you ntozier. It would be great to see my suggestions implemented in a future update ;)

    By the way, I noticed that adding collaborators works great when the ticket is opened via email.

    When the ticket is sent to the support address, and other people are cc'd, then everybody in cc is added as collaborator automatically.

    Here's another "thingy" I'd like to add here (I promise it's the last one :) ) The ticket opener receives an automatic confirmation, that's great. However, collaborators do not receive this confirmation. Therefore, they can't know the ticket number. Only when a reply (either from ticket opener or suppor stuff) is added will they receive an email with the ticket number.

    My suggestion: Send the initial email confirmation to the both the ticket opener and all collaborators. This way, collaborators could answer even before support stuff.

    Other than that: Thank you for that wonderful piece of software. I have tested several, but OSTicket is by far the best I found :)

  • I'd like to add another thought regarding "Collaborators".

    After adding collaborators to a ticket, they all receive emails regarding new posts to that ticket, that's excellent.

    However, one collaborator can not see who are the other collaborators. I think it would be important that everybody is aware who is receiving copies of the ticket thread.
  • And another one:

    When checking if an organization has a ticket assigned, it's only checking the ticket owner.

    Wouldn't it be a good idea if also collaborator's organizations where included?
  • Where can i find this "Collaborators" feature?
  • Hi Josefsneto,

    once a ticket is created, you find it here:

  • Hello,

    is there any mod to add collaborators when the ticket is created via the web portal?

  • @vlpereira not at this time.
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