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How to include Organization information in Ticket


We are using some custom fields in the Organization form to show if a customer has an active maintenance contract etc.

Is there a way to:-

a) Show this information on the Organization view without having to click on the Organization name (which brings up the edit box)
b) Include some / all of the Organization information (main and custom fields) in the ticket view

Any suggestions / code hacks gratefully received :-)




  • To elaborate a little - If I click on "Manage Forms" on an Organization, it shows the additional forms already attached to that client, but they are not shown in the default view. (same for tickets and the form I have added there) - Is there a setting somewhere I'm missing?
  • Just to elaborate even further - I don't want to edit these values, just show what was previously entered against the Organization's custom form when viewing a ticket.
  • I'm not aware of a way to do what you are asking using the UI at this time.
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