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Helpdesk setup


We've been testing OSTicket in our school with our administration department and it's worked brilliantly.  We've decided to expand it to be used by all departments that require a helpdesk.  The problem we have is that I had the administration department setup so that only the department manager received notification of new tickets, to which she then assigned to department members.  Now I want to setup the helpdesk for the IT department but I want us all to receive the new ticket notifications.

I've tried various ways of separating these off but I just can't this to work.  If I go to the department page, and under Alerts & Notices, if I change this option, it reverts back to "Department & Group members", no matter what I choose.  Not sure if this could work if I could change it?




  • Hi,

    I'm not sure this is possible. If you set up within the "Alerts and Notices" section that new ticket alerts are supposed to be send to the dept manager only, then notifications will go only to them and not dept members. 

    I haven't noticed any difference in system behaviour (at least for New Ticket notifications) regardless whether you select "Department members only" or "Department and Group Members" on the dept page IF globally alerts are set to be sent to the manager only.

    In other words, it looks new ticket notification behaviour cannot be differentiated by department in terms of different staff level groups receiving them.

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