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Banning Messages from

We generally receive a lot of tickets due to our shipping confirmation auto-generated emails.  Since we don't have the ability to verify active email address with our current business.  I have a filter set to auto-assign these tickets to a admin for closing them.  However I was wondering if anyone has experienced problems either in the OS system or from an email host by banning these messages?   Simply adding mailer-daemon to the ban list would save a lot of time but I don't want to cause any possible errors in the system. 

We are currently using
OSTicket              v1.9.1 (0e29c8d)
Server Software     Apache/2.2.22 (Debian)

Fastmail is our current email host..

any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • This would be done using fiters.

    Admin panel -> MAnage -> Ticket Filters
    Add new filter
    1. name it
    2. give it an order #.
    3. make it active.
    4. pick your target
    5. pick a target, set it to equal, enter your domain you want to block.
    6. tick reject ticket.
    Click Add filter.

  • Thank you for the help! I will alter the filter and just reject them rather than banning the address. 
  • You're very welcome.  I will leave this thread open for now, please let us know if you have any problems implementing this,
  • edited August 2014
    I'd block them before they reach osTicket, if your email provider offers server-based mail filtering (like Gmail does). I guess what you're calling a "ban list" would do the same thing. The only collateral damage I can think of is, if this same email account is used by any human for SENDING mail, you would not get any notification of failed or delayed outgoing emails.

  • I think that I personally would do so also depending on the situation. :)
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