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Email CC/BCC field(s)

My organization has had issues in the past with multiple staff members reporting the same issue to our department. I modded the version of OSTicket we were on to include a CC field so that staff could CC email a list and let everyone know that the issue has been reported. This has worked great in our environment for several years. We'd like to upgrade but our staff is adamant that we not lose the CC field. We could always re-mod a newer version but it limits our ability to upgrade OSTicket. It was a trivial addition to the older version's code and in our situation we only needed the first email notification that a ticket had been opened for an issue. Beyond that point, only the original staff member is involved in the on-going support notifications... Although I do like the sound of the new Collaborative features. Any chance to get a simple CC field on the open new ticket form?


  • Same problem with me, don't want to lose the modification we'd done, which is why we haven't upgrade.
  • Unfortunately this is currently not possible - you will have to mod the open new ticket form again and again.
  • If they open the ticket via email it is possible though.
    Emails send to your ticket address and CCed to others will have those people in the CCs added as collaborators.
  • @ntozier, Thanks for that additional info ;)

    So summarized:
    When opening a ticket thru the web formular, it's currently not possible. But to add collaborators from the CC of an emailed ticket is possible.
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